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Alternative treatments are the great revolution in medicine dedicated to the treatment of injuries.

Thanks to this, in many cases, it is possible to provide a minimally invasive solution to the pathologies of patients that previously could only be solved by surgery.

OZONE THERAPY: Application of medical ozone. 

It consists of the administration of OZONE (O3) at different concentrations, depending on the disease to be treated, in order to heal or improve the injured tissue.

Ozone is a gas with powerful regenerative, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic action. It acts on protein metabolism as an immunomodulator and restorer, contributing to the production of cytokines that reduce inflammation and pain.

Its main property is that, once administered, it is converted into oxygen, a process that lasts about 40 minutes, although its beneficial effects last beyond this time. At body temperature it leaves no chemical residues, hence its great innocuousness, and practically absence of adverse effects and contraindications.

There are a number of pathologies for which it is effective due to its intrinsic properties: disc herniation and all types of back pain, tendinitis, osteoarthritis, chondromalacia, fibromyalgia and osteo-articular pain.

It is an alternative to conventional drug treatment, which can restore the lesion and avoid surgery. It is compatible with other therapies with which it can help to achieve healing.

GROWTH FACTORS AND PRP | Repair and regeneration.

Growth factors are proteins secreted by cells that stimulate essential actions for tissue repair and regeneration. There are several types of GF depending on their biological actions.

It is sufficient to draw blood from the patient, treat it and obtain these proteins, which are then injected back into the injured area.

In addition to cartilage damage and tendon problems, one of the great benefits is achieved in osteoarthritis, as they slow its progression and avoid having to undergo surgery to place a prosthesis.

Lesions or pathologies that a few years ago could not be remedied without the use of the scalpel, can now be solved by applying much less invasive techniques.

It is an especially useful technique to recover injuries in poorly vascularized structures such as ligaments, tendons, cartilage or fascia.

This therapy is used especially for chronic injuries (tendinopathies, pubalgia, tennis elbow, cartilage degeneration, etc.). It can also be used to recover muscle injuries, bone regeneration and to accelerate the recovery process after surgery.

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