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A large part of the population performs sports activities that involve risk of injury. Sport, nowadays, is accessible to many people of all ages, from children to the elderly, who do it as a recreational activity or as a prevention of different diseases.

At COT PALMA we have doctors specialized in Sports Medicine, whose purpose is to offer the best solutions to patients who practice sports on a regular, amateur and, of course, professional basis. 

Specialists in Sports Medicine in Mallorca

Evaluation and Treatment Plan

The Sports Traumatology Unit of Grup COT is created to respond to all injuries caused by sports practice, both amateur and professional.

The Unit coordinates with physiotherapists, sports nutritionists, podiatrists, recovery specialists, radiologists,... to achieve a comprehensive view of the treatment of the injury.

Ultrasound is part of the consultation, being of great help for the diagnosis and follow-up of lesions.

Purpose of the Unit

Effective prevention, early diagnosis, advanced treatments to achieve in the shortest possible time the highest functional performance after the injury suffered, applying the techniques and methods that are performed in elite sport or competition.

In addition, it provides a fast, effective and decisive response to muscle injuries, overload injuries, ligament injuries or meniscus injuries.

Process to be followed
  • Orthopedic and traumatologic assessment for the practice of sports.Follow-up of the injury and guidelines for return to sport.
  • Application of new technologies in relation to sports injuries (genetics, PRP growth factors, hyaluronic acid, etc).
  • For surgical cases: Arthroscopic treatments and minimally invasive surgery.
Sports injuries

Injuries in athletes, excluding traumatisms, are caused by specific overloads, many of which arise from certain individual conditioning factors such as morphology, footprint, weight, or collective factors such as the type of training, training times.

Type of pathologies
  • Bursitis (Subacromial, goosefoot, prerotulian, trochanteric, ischial, olecranon)
  • Tendinitis Tendinosis (patellar, epicondylitis, epicondylitis, epitrochleitis, achilles, bicipital)
  • Sprains
  • Nerve Entrapment Syndrome
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Muscle injuries
  • Ligament injuries
  • Knee Pathology: Meniscopathies, ligament injuries.
  • Ankle, spine, wrist, hand, etc. pathology.

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